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One of the most-watched leagues in the world is Premier League. The English professional league has 20 teams, over 600 relevant personalities, and millions of fans from across the globe. This league alone can produce enough events for a whole media outlet to be full of stories about it. Avram Grant is focused on covering this league and many other professional competitions including domestic top leagues in Europe, North America, and Asia.

If you want to stay updated about the freshest developments in the world of professional football, make sure to read this blog. It is updated daily and provides interesting insights from an experienced coach and analyst who has a unique perspective on the industry and certain players.

Why should you read Avram Grant?

The author is focused only on football without diluting his attention to multiple disciplines. At the same time, the blogger is distinctly interested in the most impactful events in professional football including important transfers and key performances of specific players whose playmaking abilities often become instrumental in the victories of their respective teams.

Avram Grant usually writes (either himself or with help of hired writers) about Premier League, Bundesliga, and La Liga, but there are also stories about football in general, interesting global events, and competition overviews.

The main emphasis apparent in the writing style of the author is the concentration of attention on individuals. Notable players and their impact, commentaries from coaches and footballers, and other key types of content focused on people who are playing the game rather than clubs and metrics.

How does Avram Grant approach content creation?

The blog has a very distinct structure with stories revolving around key performers and interesting personalities. Coaches of top-performing teams like Manchester City and Barcelona receive more attention due to the sheer impact of their managerial decisions. Players that facilitate success are also covered in more detail. For example, Earling Haaland and Raheem Sterling receive way more attention than Grealish.

The process is quite straightforward:

  • The editorial team decides which personalities from the world of soccer deserve attention the most;
  • Avram Grant himself or dedicated writers gather information and start writing articles with lots of historical contexts;
  • These stories are published and tracked to ensure that the following developments are also covered to present a cohesive intraseasonal narrative.

This approach allows the blog to build storylines that make sense and captivate the attention of a reader. You will be able to follow the careers of key players alongside industry experts and commentators to enjoy an exciting, authentic experience of being a dedicated fan with in-depth knowledge of your favorite players and coaches.

The avramgrant.com blog is free

You can start using the blog without paying a dime which is a great advantage in our age of paywalled content and lots of news outlets begging for donations. You can also contribute financially if your deem it necessary. Contact the administration and talk about partnerships, advertising, and supporting the blog financially.

The content is free. You don’t need to pay for a subscription, a paid plan, or any other product. The blog can be accessed by anyone who wants to know more about football. It is a website run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts of the most popular team sport in the world.

Contribute by being socially active

The blog has many ways for fans to interact and contribute without paying. You can share articles using your profiles on social media. Comment and discuss themes. Contact the administration to provide valuable feedback or write a story for the blog. Editors will review your contributions and contact you back if and when they decide to publish them.


Avram Grant is a great blog for people who are interested in reading the freshest news from the world of soccer but with a personal twist and an opinion from a team of dedicated analysts and writers!

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